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James R. Babb Won’t Let Me Sleep

But it’s a temporary thing, only until I finish his latest book, Fish Won’t Let Me Sleep — Obsessions of a Lifelong Flyfisherman. Mr. Babb is one of the most entertaining writers in the fish-lit genre, and that’s saying a lot because ever since Dame Juliana Berners’s Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an Angle emerged in […]

Foreign Entanglements III — The Crazy French Doctor, and Flyfishing for Asps in Saddam’s Moat

In the first installment of the Foreign Entanglements series I related that I was inspired to try to go trout fishing in Afghanistan in 1987, despite the Soviet occupation of the country, upon hearing rumors that a “crazy French doctor” did exactly that every year. A few years ago I wrote about my failed attempt […]