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Foreign Entanglements III — The Crazy French Doctor, and Flyfishing for Asps in Saddam’s Moat

In the first installment of the Foreign Entanglements series I related that I was inspired to try to go trout fishing in Afghanistan in 1987, despite the Soviet occupation of the country, upon hearing rumors that a “crazy French doctor” did exactly that every year. A few years ago I wrote about my failed attempt […]

Foreign Entanglements II — Or, How I Failed to go Flyfishing in Afghanistan and Discovered Shangri-la

[The goal of this journey (see previous post) was to flyfish for trout in the mountain streams of northern Afghanistan, during the days when Afghanistan was largely occupied by the U.S.S.R.] The northwest Pakistan town of Chitral is about 225 miles from Peshawar, our starting point, and is not that easy to get to. Note […]