Monthly Archives: June 2016

Blowin’ In The Wind

Trout Boy and I arrived in Eustis on a mid-June Monday, around noon, and watched the tall spruces bend before a strong and gusty northwest wind under thick grey clouds. No fishing. Tuesday morning it was still too windy to fish on our chosen pond so we used the day to explore familiar territory, revisiting […]

The Things We Carry

There is a ritual I seem to go through every year between the end of one fishing season and the onset of the next. Henry David Thoreau is involved. In the second chapter of his most famous work, “Walden,” the chapter titled “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For,” you’ll find two of his […]

Introducing, The Virtual Angler

Nick Mills photo by Lydia Harris

Flyfishing has spawned a great body of literature, which I will try to add to in my small way. When not fishing I like to read about fishing; the bookshelves at my camp at Upper Dam groan under the weight of my fish-lit library. In this blog, I will write about a wide range of things, but what I will not write about is how-to, or where-to.